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Fabtro, a Delhi-NCR based digital signage Manufacturing, introduces a high-definition smart display featuring a mild steel enclosure with a powder-coated top surface. The company provides its own ‘Make in India’ 4K digital kiosk suitable for various sectors such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and restaurants


Digital Standee

Whether it's text, images, videos, or a combination of them all, our digital signs handle diverse content effortlessly. Tailor your communication strategy with versatile and visually engaging displays.

Digital Information Signs

Digital Information Signs

Say goodbye to static messages. Our digital signage offers dynamic content delivery, ensuring your messaging is always fresh, engaging, and tailored to the moment.

Sheet Metal Fabrication | Display Rack

Digital Stands Rack

Transform your product display into an immersive experience. Our digital stand racks seamlessly integrate with your products, providing a dynamic canvas to showcase visuals, videos, and key product information.

Retail Display

Format Displays

Engulf your audience in a visual spectacle. Our large format displays create an immersive experience, ensuring that your brand message is not just seen but experienced on a grand scale.


Digital Stands

Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative display concepts. Our team brings fresh ideas and creative solutions to make your retail space stand out and leave a lasting impression.


Digital Stands Rack

Keep your product information current and relevant. Our digital stand racks allow for real-time updates, making it easy to communicate the latest features, promotions, and specifications to your customers.

Fabtro Manufacturing

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