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In order to provide the best possible service, Fabtro Manufacturing makes it our goal to comprehend the needs of our clients and their sheet metal requirements. Since our 2017 founding in Fabtro Manufacturing, we have expanded and improved in order to provide our clients with the highest-caliber products and services. As one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in the sheet metal fabrication industry today, we serve a variety of industries.


Fabtro Manufacturer A Delhi-NCR based Digital Signage Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company Comes With A High Definition Smart Display Along With A Mild Steel Enclosure With Powder Coated Top Surface. We Provides Its Own Make In India 4k Digital Kiosk Which Can Be Used At: Retail | Healthcare | Hospitality | Restaurant.

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Being a full-service sheet metal fabrication company, we take great satisfaction in offering a broad range of services such as 3D CAD/CAM design using Solidworks, laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC press brake folding, mig and tig welding in various metals, electromechanical assembly, powder coating, and finishing.

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A crucial step in the process is accurately and quickly programming a design into the CNC machining machines to produce the goods and parts we do. Because of our many years of experience and dedication to always improving and innovating in accordance with new technologies in the sector, our clients have faith in us to deliver the greatest and most economical outcomes.


Depending on the kind of project we’ve worked on, the assembly phase may be extremely quick and straightforward or it may need for intricate assemblies, including electrical testing and wiring, before the finished product is ready to be shipped to the client. In order to guarantee that our clients are happy with their purchases, we provide a comprehensive range of assembly services. We also apply our in-depth industry experience to select the best assembly solutions for each project.

Powder coating and finishing

For certain sheet metal fabrication operations, powder coating or finishing is the last stage. Powder coating is one of our internal services. It involves applying electrostatic powder to the fabrication’s metal components and curing it at a high temperature to produce a strong, long-lasting coating that both protects the metal from scuffs, scratches, and marks and adds visual appeal. We collaborate closely with several suppliers in order to provide premium finishing services.


This is the initial stage of the metal product production process, where we collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their goals and develop a design that meets those needs. We are also able to work with pre-existing designs. By employing a 3D modeling software program in our design process, we are able to fully comprehend the needs of our customers and make sure the product we are producing is functional.


Metal sheet bending, commonly referred to as CNC folding or CNC press braking, produces pressed forms that yield precise, repeatable, and functional products.


To get the greatest outcomes for our clients, we employ a variety of intricate welding processes, such as robot welding, mig and tig welding, and spot welding. A responsible coordinator for welding is also present.


CNC punching machines precisely add shapes or perforations to metal components to increase productivity and improve design.


We can easily and precisely cut sheets of steel, aluminum, or a variety of different metals into the component pieces that are outlined throughout the design and programming stages by using laser cutting technology.

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